Presented by AfroHub and Consciously Kyah

In partnership with Abbotsford Convent, as part of Leaps and Bounds Music Festival

Daniel Elia

Daniel Elia

AFTERPARTY was created with the intent to build a space for artist and audience to meet.

Art contextualises our current social and political climate, through the lens of the most abstract and brilliant minds. I curated some of the city’s best emerging talent for this event, in order to reinvent the way we experience nightlife culture. An experience of presence, contextualised by the acknowledgement of country and the history of the land we stand on. Projecting a collective future that champions artistry the way it deserves.

The lineup was hand selected based on their talent, their collective chemistry, and the way they can influence a room.

Check them out here–

Rara Zulu


Thank you to all those who bought a ticket, told a friend, re-shared the content, and scrolled long enough to be reading this sentence. You’re helping to manifest dreams and we’re all endlessly grateful.

Stay tuned, there’s a lot more to come ✌🏾