Becoming a ‘creator’ often means we lose sight of what it is to be a ‘consumer’.

We forget the important touch points and experiences that resonate with our target audience; we forget how to forge a connection with our customers beyond fickle ‘click & buy’ interactions.

With a background in branding, I help brands connect authentically with their target audience by creating experiences ‘in real life’.

The more we digitalise our world, the less connection we tend to feel. The more we focus on reaching our audience, the more they feel obliged to participate in our unwanted advances. Like a guy in a bar that just. Won’t. Stop. Basically– you’re coming on too strong with your email direct messages and targeted ads.

I create experiences and brand touch points for your audience that helps you foster a relationship.

Turning ‘new customers’ into ‘loyal customers’, and most importantly– turning your customer interactions into relationships.

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